Credit Cards Can Be Good And Bad

Credit cards can be an excellent tool for those who use it responsibly. Some people do not get their paycheck until the end of the month or sometimes have a delay in getting paid. The only way they can roll from month to month is by using a credit card responsibly. Many companies manage their cash flow responsibly only through the use of credit cards. It can be a tremendous financial tool if used properly. Credit cards comes along with many benefits. For example: purchase protection, travel insurance,  rewards, and many more. These benefits are all great to have as long as the credit cards are used responsibly.

But, on the other side, there are many who have seen credit cards wreck financial disaster which took years and years to recover from. Credit cards, when not used responsibly, can become an extremely dangerous financial tool.

When To Stay Away

If you see that too often you cannot afford to pay the full balance at the end of the month, then stop! It’s time you should take all your credit cards and cut them up!  The game of credit cards is not for you. The smartest thing you can do is go straight back to your debit card immediately!

But How Will I Pay The Grocery Bill?

A credit card is not a solution. Pushing another few months is not solving the problem. A credit card does just the opposite; it makes the problem bigger. Till now, you couldn’t afford your $1,000 grocery bill. Now you cannot afford your credit card bill plus 25% interest as well! Did that solve any problems?

If you cut up your credit card, then you will be forced to face your problem and find a real solution.

You can’t afford your month? How about cut your budget? Sit down and think, what are you spending on that can be cut out?  And, how about another income by doing a side job?  Remind yourself some of your old talents. Maybe you can start doing some web design on the side? Music lessons?  Find a company that will hire you as a part-time bookkeeper, etc.

These are real financial solutions to get you to the other side of your financial hardships. Credit cards are not a solution. With credit cards, you’re only kicking the can down the road, which will end up kicking you right back in the face ten times stronger!

Credit Without Credit Cards

Nowadays, the only proper way to build credit is by having credit cards. That’s why some people feel they must continue using their credit card, even though it’s causing them trouble.

 It is true that you can only build proper credit through the use of credit cards. But, instead of constantly having the credit card in your wallet tempting you daily to use it, think about other ways to use it. Maybe set up one or two monthly recurring bills (like a phone bill, a membership, etc.) which your card will charge automatically. Then you can go and cut up the credit cards. You will continue building credit as your accounts will stay active, but at the same time, you won’t have the credit card challenge in your pocket daily.


Even though at Help Me Build Credit, we make our money by promoting credit cards, we want to give our readers a fair warning. Credit cards are not for everyone. If you feel that credit cards are causing you to swipe more, up to the point which you cannot afford your monthly bill anymore, then stop! Cut it up.

Remember! If you do not use credit cards properly, then no welcome bonus, rewards, or even a few months of 0% APR will be able to cover up the losses you will suffer from using credit cards.

Swipe responsibly!